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  • Day 1

    25th June 2019

    • Will regional instability and stresses influence gas lows more than economics?

    • East Med Gas' big picture - demand, supply andtransit data summarised

    • Are the three EMG siblings, (Zohr, Aphrodite, & Leviathan) the tip of the iceberg or the bulk of the iceberg?
    • What will East Med's production plateau be, and when?

    • Demand and supply data review
    • Egyptian trends in gas demand growth
    • Carbon-free Alternatives toward Egyptian energy independence
    • Will Egypt return to gas imports?

    • Demand and supply data review
    • Israel's 20-year demand vector - exports for ever?
    • What will be Israel's 20-year strategy?
    • Will LNG be a significant sector?
    • Ties that bind - Might Aphrodite gas head east?

    • Cyprus demand and supply data review and Vasilikos Bay FSRU terminal
    • Will a 'European East Med Pipeline' survive regional hub initiatives?
    • Does Cyprus have a "Zohr" and if it does where would production go?
    • What is Turkeys aim for Cyprus gas, and what steps will it take to further them?

    • Demand and supply data review
    • Blowing hot air? Turkeys plan to de-gas its economy
    • Turkey as a gas transit state - East Med as one of its sources?
    • Is LNG a temporary strategy?
    • What would an Egyptian processing hub mean for Turkey's strategy?

  • Day 2

    26th June 2019

    • Demand and supply data review - Jordan, Lebanon, Syria
    • When will Syria return to the market?
    • What will Jordan's shale resources mean for East Med gas?
    • Lebanon as a permanent Liquids economy?

    • How do the capital and risk markets view East Med risks?
    • How is state and quasi-state capital playing into the market - IMF, EBRO, SWFs, EU, and others?
    • How will risk perceptions move routes and deals away from geographically optimal answers?

  • East Med Gas poses multiple questions for decision-makers. Time will obviously be too short to dive deep into all of these. Our Open Insight Session will allow delegates to select ten key questions for exploration and clarification.
    Over lunch the full set of EMG questions will be put before delegates. Delegates will vote on significance. After the voting period has closed the ten most important questions will have been selected.
    Insight Sessions will be spread around the Summit facility. Delegates may move between Insight Sessions at will, joining, leaving, contributing or listening. NBR will be on hand to provide data on request by each session's Rapporteur. The Rapporteur’s task is to capture the debate, not to moderate it.
    Rapporteurs will collect, note and edit contributions, Insights, push-backs and killer-buts. Refreshments will be available throughout the Insight Session

    • Rapporteurs will summarise Insights and Foresights developed in their Insight Sessions.
    • Delegates will be invited to debate outputs in the Summit hall
    • NBR personnel will capture Insights and questions for post-event circulation to Delegates in a Summit Report